About Us


We are Kate and Libby, the founders of Book Box Club.

We met selling books in a cosy independent bookshop back in 2010. We became inseparable bookish buddies who spent our evenings talking books, baking bad cookies, swimming blindly side-by-side (no contact lenses in the pool!) and singing pop ballads together.

Book Box Club actually came about after a late night biscuit-fuelled conversation, that went something like this:

Kate: I feel as though I’d like to do something huge, something life changing.
Libby: I know what you mean. We need to shake things up.
Kate: I feel as though I’d like to sail around the world, you know? Really achieve something big.

Libby: Let’s do it!

Needless to say, we didn’t end up sailing around the world (luckily)!

We did, however, create Book Box Club: a journey that would see us sending our bookish parcels to all corners of the globe, almost drowning in turquoise shred, reading the most fantastic books and meeting some amazing like-minded bookish people.

Book Box Club has proven itself to be just as rewarding and as adrenaline-fuelled an epic sailing mission, but with fewer sharks and less seasickness: suffice to say we’re pretty glad we chose books over boats.

Libby Harris

I’ve loved books since I could read them, from my first encounter with Harry Potter (on a rainy holiday to Cornwall) I have been on the search for anything to fill that void! Luckily, thousands of books later I have found a whole host of other worlds, other times, and other characters that have got pretty darn close.

I have discovered a love for all types of YA. I love magic (of course), but also dystopian, historical and anything with a good dollop of teenage angst.

When I’m not reading you might find me on an epic family hike, or on my sofa in my pyjamas watching re-runs of Vampire Diaries!

Kate Morris-Double

I hold my mum and Roald Dahl equally responsible for my obsession with books. Magical twists, dark creepy characters and epic adventures are still my favourite things to read. I have a soft spot for beautiful language, tricksy narrators, and if a book has a troubled bad boy as its protagonist, then I’m likely to fall in love with it.

I’m a complete fool for a gorgeous cover, so if I spot sparkly foiling, sprayed edges or uncut pages whilst browsing a bookshop, I’m unlikely to be able to resist!

I am also an Ashtanga yoga nerd, who loves singing in the shower and eating too many biscuits.