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About us

We've sold books together, baked bad cookies together, swam blindly next to each other (no contact lenses in the pool!), sang pop ballads together and now we've decided to go in to business together, so we get to talk about books with each other and with you.

Libby Harris

I've loved books since I could read them. As a child I was all over Enid Blyton and Babysitter's Club and since my first encounter with Harry Potter (on a rainy holiday to Cornwall) I have been on the search for anything to fill that void! Luckily, thousands of books later I have found a whole host of other worlds, other times, and other characters that have got pretty darn close.

I have discovered a love for all types of YA. I love magic (of course), but also dystopian, historical and anything with a good dollop of teenage angst. If you catch me on a rare occasion without a YA book in my bag I am most likely to be reading something a)gory, b) translated from a Scandinavian language, c) about burley men at sea, or d) all of the above.

I left the world of bookselling (5 happy years at Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, plus a briefer stint at Foyles) to write a YA novel of my own.

When I'm not reading (or writing) you might find me either on an epic family hike or on my sofa in my pyjamas watching reruns of Vampire Diaries!

Kate Morris-Double

I hold my mum and Roald Dahl equally responsible for my obsession with books. When I was a little girl my mum was a ridiculously talented bedtime storyteller and Mr Dahl's gruesome, dark, funny stories were our favourite bedside tales. I also loved Allan Ahlberg, Dorothy Edwards, Enid Blyton, Noel Streatfeild, the Goosebumps books, Judy Blume and Melvin Burgess.

I'm still a massive book geek. I like books that make me laugh, or cry, or feel incredibly uncomfortable at the hands of some terribly untrustworthy narrator. I have a soft spot for beautiful language, cool covers (you definitely should judge a book by its cover!) and if a book has a troubled, utterly convincing protagonist then I'm likely to fall in love with it.

I'm lucky enough to have made a job out of being unashamedly bookish. I've been a bookseller at the award-winning Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath (where I met my business sister Libby) for 8 years. I've twice been shortlisted for the Young Bookseller of the Year award and in 2014 I was listed as one of The Bookseller Magazine's Rising Stars of the book trade (whoop!).

I am also an Ashtanga yoga nerd, who loves singing in the shower and eating too many biscuits.