A Trio of Exciting Announcements


News from Book Box Club HQ

Here at Book Box Club HQ we have been making all sorts of grand plans behind the scenes. There’s been late night brainstorming, high level number-crunching and some unsuccessful craft experiments (yes, really!), all in a bid to make Book Box Club even better. Now, we are thrilled to finally share some of the small changes and big plans that we have on the agenda…

So without further ado, bring on the announcements:


We are thrilled to reveal that our Book Box Club & Purely Books gift-wrap is about to get a whole lot prettier!

We know that you guys love unwrapping your books each month, and whilst we adore our simple silver paper we’ve been wanting to treat you to a little upgrade for some time now. We’ve designed a brand new wrapping paper inspired by beautiful book endpapers, especially for our members.

We’ll be keeping the actual design of the new paper under wraps for now (pun intended!) but all subscribers to our May Seize the Crown boxes and Purely Books parcels will get the first glimpse! May members; your books will wrapped in our gorgeous new paper and tied with our shiny new string. We hope that you guys will love this little update to our packaging as much as we do.


We are so excited to announce that our Purely Books Parcels will now be available on a month-by-month basis.

Our Purely Books parcels feature the same great reads as we include in our Book Box Club boxes, PLUS an all-important invitation to our members-only online author chat, just without the extra bits and bobs. All books are gift-wrapped (in our gorgeous new paper), accompanied by a signed book-plate and because these parcels don’t contain the extra goodies, they’re usually slim enough to fit through your letterbox!

From May 6th you’ll be able to buy your Purely Books parcels one month at a time, without an ongoing subscription. The Purely Books Monthly parcels will be available from our shop and will be priced according to the book included and where we’re posting it to. This means that prices will vary month-to-month (as we include a range of hardbacks and paperbacks), but that you’ll never pay over the odds for a paperback and you’ll be able to pick and choose books and themes that appeal to you! Unlike our subscription packages our Purely Books Monthly parcels do not renew, so you’ll need to purchase them each month to ensure you don’t miss out.

Of course, our Purely Books subscription packages (3, 6, 12 months) will still offer you the best value for money.

We hope that in offering these little taster packages we’ll tempt more of this lovely unashamedly bookish community to give Purely Books a try and join us!


We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes plotting and planning our summer boxes. We always find when the sun shines we get so much more reading done, so in honour of the summer months we’ll be bringing you two especially packed bookish boxes!

We are thrilled to announce that OUR JUNE AND JULY BOXES WILL BOTH INCLUDE TWO BOOKS!!

Our June box will include a featured read, plus a stunning bonus book by the same author

And our July box will include TWO featured reads, by completely different, equally brilliant authors.

We’ll be telling you lots more about the Summer boxes and the books included in the weeks to come, but for now we hope you’ll be as excited as we are by this extra dose of bookishness on the horizon.

Phew! What a lot of news! We hope that you guys are just as excited about all of our grand plans as we are!

Have wonderful unashamedly bookish weekends and we’ll catch you on the other side with our June theme reveal.

Lots of love,
Libby & Kate x


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