Common Questions and Answers


Please note: Book Box Club will no longer be creating any new subscription boxes from June 2022. The final box will be the FOR THE DREAMERS themed box, due to post in June. For more information about our planned closure and FAQ concerning our final few weeks, please click here!


When will my Book Box Club parcel arrive? 

Our final box will be the June 2022: For the Dreamers box. We anticipate posting June boxes around June 15th. If you subscribe before the 7th of June, you will receive this box.

All Book Box Club post is sent via tracked mail, you will receive a tracking number shortly after your box has been posted. Most UK parcels arrive within 2-5 days, international parcels may take longer. If you have any questions about your Book Box Club delivery, please get in touch by emailing thegirls@bookboxclub.com.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We post our boxes around the world. All Book Box Club parcels are sent via tracked mail. Postage prices will be applied at the checkout.


UK Postage is charged at £3 per parcel for subscriptions.

International postage prices can be found here.

Please read our blog about how Brexit may lead to additional fees upon your box’s arrival in your country. (updated 07/06/21)

PRICES FOR SHOP ITEMS will be calculated at the checkout.

Am I too young for a Book Box Club membership?

We love gritty YA titles about hard-hitting issues, so if you’re a sensitive soul approach with caution. Most of our titles are suitable for ages 14 plus.

Am I too old for a Book Box Club membership?

You’re never too old for a Book Box Club membership!

How do you choose the books?

We love reading so we scour publisher catalogues, hunt down early reading copies, devour tonnes of books and talk to each other about what we’re loving whilst drinking a lot of tea (sometimes gross banana tea that’s been languishing at the back of the cupboard). Research complete, we select the very best books and send them to our members.

What if I already have the book?

The books that we choose are brand new to avoid you receiving titles that you’ve already read. We hope that you’ll enjoy these hot-off the press releases. If you’ve beaten us to it, you’re pretty speedy, so please share it with a friend.

How do I join in the Book Box Club Book Group meetings?

Our book groups take place in our members-only online Clubhouse. You can login to the Clubhouse using the same details as you use to access your subscription details. You can login on the My Account page or on The Clubhouse page. You’ll find a link to the book group in the top menu once you’re logged in. If you’re having any problems logging in please send us an email ahead of book group. If you’ve been gifted a Book Box Club subscription and you’d like us to set you up with an account to access the Clubhouse, please email thegirls@bookboxclub.com.

When will my payment for my Book Box Club membership be deducted from my bank account?

we’ll take payment for your membership on the day that you sign up. As we are closing our doors in June 2022, if you are new to Book Box Club (signing up after May 9th 2022) your subscription will NOT renew and you will not be charged again after your initial payment.

If you are a current member, renewals will be processed on May 25th when payments will be taken for the final June box. After which, all memberships will be cancelled. Customers who have multi-month subscriptions that were due parcels beyond June have all been contacted. Please check your email if that’s you!

How do I change my address?

You can change your billing or posting address at any time in your My Account page. Under My Account > Addresses you can update the addresses saved on your profile for any future orders (e.g. brand new subscriptions or Shop orders).

• If you have an ACTIVE subscription that needs a new address, you must make the address change to that subscription as well, or your next box/es will still go to the old address. To do this on the Addresses section, ensure that you check the “Update the Postage Address used for all of my active subscriptions” at the bottom of the update screen in order for the change to flow to the active subscription/s. Note: This will change ALL active subscription addresses to the new one. If you do not check this option, your active subscription will NOT go to the new address you have entered on this screen for the duration of the subscription.

• If you need to selectively change the address on active subscriptions, or want to confirm which address is on your subscription/s, go to the My Account > Subscriptions page. Select the subscription that needs an update and on the next page you can review the address and choose to Change Address if needed.

Billing addresses must be updated before the 25th of a month, or your renewal may be adversely affected. Postage addresses must be updated at least 1 week before subscriptions post (approx. 8th of month), and must be applied to the active subscription, in order for your parcel to be delivered correctly. Postage addresses for Shop orders can be updated temporarily at the time of the order and will be posted to the address submitted with the order, regardless of what is saved in the system.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription couldn’t be easier. Simply login to your account on our website, click on the Subscription tab on the left-hand menu and press the button to cancel.

Please note we will cancel your renewal and will not bill you for any more boxes, but any boxes that you have already paid for will be sent out on schedule. Until you’ve had all of your paid-for boxes, your subcription will show as “pending cancellation”, don’t worry though, no further payments will be taken.

We cannot process refunds for partially completed memberships.

Is it possible to skip my next renewal (rather than cancel my subscription)?

We’ve always supported our members right to skip a box. As June 2022 will be our final month, please note if you do choose to skip you will miss our final box and your membership will be cancelled after June boxes have posted.

To skip a box, please login into your account on our website, and use the skip box form available on the left-hand menu of your customer dashboard. Please note you cannot skip boxes you have already paid for. It is not possible to skip a box when you are part-way through a mulit-month membership. Skip requests require manual processing from our team, so please be aware that last minute skip requests (i.e. after 6pm on 24th of the month) may not be processed in time to prevent a renewal. Renewals are automatically processed on the 25th of the month.