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Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s been a busy old week here at Book Box Club HQ as our packing team get ready to send out all of your February boxes and we put the finishing touches to exciting plans for our March items! We’ve also been in conversation with lots of our publisher buddies recently about all the amazing books that are coming out later this year. Seriously, you are in for a treat! Both of us are engrossed in some amazing YA at the moment and we can’t wait to share them with you in future Book Box Club boxes!

At Book Box Club, we are so lucky to have the absolute loveliest members so back in January we asked our dream team of subscribers to help us brainstorm ideas for future box items and they did not disappoint! This March we’re excited to bring you some of your most requested box items.

Now without further ado, let’s reveal our first marvellous March supplier… We are thrilled to announce that our March boxes will contain a beautiful sparkly candle based of one of our most requested fandoms and created exclusively for Book Box Club by… The Lacuna Candle Company!

We are so happy that you guys are just as obsessed with bookish candles as we are, so we when we spotted the gorgeous creations of Lacuna Candle Co. on Instagram we knew that we had to have one of their candles in our box! We will be keeping the specifics of this candle under wraps, but let’s just say…it’s based on one of our (and your) favourite YA series and will be unashamedly glittery!

Here at Book Box Club we love getting to know the small businesses who craft gorgeous goodies for our boxes, So we found out more about the Sophie and Becca, the dream team behind Lacuna Candle Co. in our Crafty Q&A. Read on to discover more about the art of the candle making process and glittery messes galore!

Crafty Q&A
Lacuna Candle Co.


We know you love books – so tell us about your favourites! 

Anything YA! We love YA Contemporary, Romances and a splash of Fantasy at Lacuna Candle Co! Give us magic, love or both, and we’re sold!

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why? 

Definitely Book Blogger, our most beloved and best-selling candle. It means so much to us as Book Bloggers to get to create something for the community and have it so well loved. The love for Lara Jean’s Cookies candle has been incredible, too, and that’s our favourite, “scent wise”. But for sentimental reasons, Book Blogger definitely.

What does your arty area look like? 

We create all our candles in our kitchen! It can get glittery at times, but always smells so good! You’ll find all our bits and bobs everywhere in our house, though! It’s taking over!

What do you eat whilst you craft and what do you listen to? 

We take breaks to eat (even though the candles smell good enough to eat) but we drink a lot of coffee, tea and in the summertime, a lot of juice to keep us going! You’ll hear literally every kind of genre in the kitchen, but we’re most likely to be listening to Country or Pop music.  

Have you ever had a crafting disaster? 

Definitely! When we were starting out, we’d have to get the temperatures perfect, and before you’ve mastered candle-making, it can be a huge disaster (or at least feel like it) when something doesn’t go right. But everything is smooth sailing now! We definitely learnt a lot when we started out and know our routine now.

What inspires you to craft and how did you begin? 

Books are our biggest inspiration! They have inspired us to twist the tales into scents and create something magical. But as of late, we’ve been making Pop Culture inspired candles and they’ve been so much fun to delve into. We can get scent-inspiration at any time, though! Every time we walk into a sweet shop or past a coffee shop sometimes, there’s a new idea like Vanilla and Bubblegum! It can strike at any time.

Apart from making beautiful things and reading what do you like doing? 

Writing and Blogging are huge favourite hobbies here! Aside from shopping for books (I’m sure that’s a hobby!) we love exploring new cities, spending quality time with our family and graphic designing occasionally!

How fun does candle making sound? We can bet that the Lacuna Candle Co. kitchen smells AMAZING! To find out more about Lacuna Candle Co. and to drool over some of their gorgeous candles, check out the website and instagram page.

Book Box Club and Purely Books subscribers can relax, we have your March box safely set aside for you and we’ll be sending it your way around March 15th (unless you tell us not to before  renewal day on February 25th!).

If you’re yet to join us, here’s a quick reminder of everything we’ve told you about our magnificent March box so far:

The Book: Our March featured read is the first in an explosive, urban fantasy trilogy. It follows a kick-ass team, hand-picked from history for their skills and charged with saving the city from impending doom! Pilot, healer, mechanic, bodyguard and con-artist come together on a nail-biting journey through time and space. This stunning hardback has all the ingredients for an addictive read; stylish world building, plot twists galore, romantic tension flying around all over the place (!) and some brilliantly witty one-liners.

If you’re a fan of Cassandra Clare, Marissa Meyer or Dr Who you’re going to adore this compelling book. We were well and truly hooked and debating time travel logistics late into the night!

The Goodies: 

We have recruited our own dream team of talented makers for our March box. Alongside an exclusive sparkly candle from The Lacuna Candle Co. we’ll be treating our members to some of your most requested items this March and you can expect goodies inspired by our favourite dream teams in YA including ones from The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, Shadowhunters and more!

All members will also receive an invitation to our members-only online book group! Our Clubhouse book group is the meeting place of the most unashamedly bookish people around. And as ever, we’ll be joined by a special guest – the author of our featured read, who is very excited to talk to you all and to answer your questions about her book.

Or opt for Purely Books: If you are unashamedly bookish, but bookish extras aren’t your thing, you can still join in the fun. Check out our PURELY BOOKS subscription. Our books-only memberships include the same great featured reads and membership to our awesome author book group, just without the extra themed accessories.

How to join us:  March DREAMS TEAMS boxes and Purely Books parcels are available from our subscriptions page now. As ever, we only have a limited number of boxes available so get yours before they all disappear! Shipping to the UK is completely FREE, but we send our boxes all around the world so if you’re a far flung book lover, check out our FAQ page for all of our postage fees.

We hope you’ll join our Dream Team for an unashamedly bookish March!

Lots of love, Libby & Kate


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