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Happy Theme Reveal Monday!

Boy, oh boy! What a week it’s been! Here at Book Box Club we have been making exciting announcements all over the show (click here to catch up on all the news) and now it’s finally time to talk about our June theme.

If you missed the memo, we rounded off last week by revealing that both of our June and July boxes will feature TWO BOOKS! We can’t wait to fill you in on what we have in store for our bumper summer reading plan, so let’s kick things off with our June theme reveal. Click on the image below to view our film trailer. Keep watching as our bookish model Sophie will unveil the theme at the end of the film.  As ever, a big thanks goes out to our resident film-maker Hax Ahmet for helping to create this film.

Click on the image below to watch the film…

When you go down to the woods today you’re in for a bookish surprise… Our theme for June will be WITCHES IN THE WOODS, so light your campfire and get your cauldrons bubbling as we prepare to celebrate the wicked, the weird and the downright witchy!

Our June Theme in Detail…

About the Books:

Our featured read is a read-in-one-sitting, stay-up-late, gasp-out-loud kind-of-book that we can’t wait to share with you. It follows two sisters whisked away to a new life; there’s a new home, new romances and new magical powers that are better kept safely under wraps. When they move into a castle on the edge of a small town in the mountains, they are prepared for some strange goings-on, but with local disappearances, ancient secrets and late night rituals… things might get pretty spooky!

Imagine a mash up between The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Craft and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you’ll be some way towards concocting the bewitching atmosphere in this book. Honestly, we’ve never read nothing like it. It’s about sisterhood, magic, otherworldly evils and it’s bizarrely funny too. Be warned though, this book will drag you into the depths of the deep dark woods and might keep sensitive souls awake at night!

Our magical featured read is a brand new YA paperback release, which will arrive gift-wrapped and accompanied by a signed bookplate from the author AND another book!!!

This June, alongside our featured read all Book Box Club members will also receive a BONUS BOOK by the same author. The bonus book is a gorgeous illustrated book of fairytales, retold with a dark twist. We LOVE them and we think that you will too.

There will be Goodies!:

As well as the beautifully-designed BONUS BOOK, we’ll be packing our June box with magical goodies inspired by fictional witches, who you might find wandering in the woods! Expect items themed around Harry Potter, classic fairytales, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and our atmospheric featured read. Supplier reveals and sneak peeks coming soon. Prepare yourselves: we had to re-measure our box when planning this month’s items, just to check everything would fit inside!

There will be an exclusive author book group:

You should see our battered copies of this book – we’ve already post-it marked the darkest/funniest/most brilliant plot points ready for book group!

All members will be invited to join us in our online Clubhouse, where you’ll get the chance to ask your questions to the author of our chilling featured read and chat to the other members of our friendly bookish occult. 

Or opt for Purely Books:

If you love the idea of a brilliant new read and membership to an exclusive author book group, but bookish extras aren’t your thing, you can still join in the fun. Check out our PURELY BOOKS subscription. Our books-only memberships include the same great featured read and membership to our awesome online book group, just without the extra themed accessories.

PLEASE NOTE: Purely Books members will only receive the June featured read and NOT the extra bonus book.

It is now possible to purchase our Purely Books parcels on a one-off basis. Check out Our Shop to find out more and make sure you select the correct option for your location (postage prices are included in the costs displayed).

How to join us:

June WITCHES IN THE WOODS boxes and Purely Books subscriptions are available from our subscriptions page now. As ever, we only have a limited number of boxes available so get yours before they all disappear! Shipping to the UK is completely FREE, but we send our boxes all around the world so if you’re a far-flung book lover, check out our FAQ page for all of our postage fees.

Existing Book Box Club members can relax, your subscription guarantees you a themed bookish parcel. We’ll be sending you yours around June 15th, unless you tell us not to before renewal day on May 25th .

What do you think of Witches in the Woods theme? Who are your favourite witchy characters in YA? We would be so grateful if you’d help spread the word about our June box with your own fellow bookish sorcerers. You’ll find our theme reveal trailer video in easy-to-share formats on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. We love welcoming new bookish people to our coven!

Love, Libby and Kate xx


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